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Nowadays, most organizations are faced with immense challenges of managing and controlling huge financial data which results to slower productivity rate amongst those involved...  
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All the key players across all sectors, are convened in one platform to discuss about their analysis regarding the challenges and issues encountered on their internal and external ... 
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GCC Global Competitiveness Development Institute offers full-service market research firm providing the leading edge analytics that deliver successful business strategies... 
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Global Competitiveness Certified Organization (GCCO) and Global Competitiveness Certified Sports Club (GCCSC) are two certification programs which are primarily designed and ... 
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Application of certification will be submitted by the industry sector which requires GCCO and GCCSC standards to be implemented in their respective organizations. The application ... 
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This course teaches a general understanding of the concepts of the GCCO standards and how the requirements impact the day-to-day operations of organizations in any industry... 
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